Our Consultant Master Craftsman is David Lewry. David is considered one of the foremost and most authoritative experts in his field, specialising in all aspects of English furniture making, English furniture history, and most especially the correct valuation and resoration of original period pieces.

David has two main functions within the company, which are:

  1. To advise us when making bespoke replica pieces for clients.
  2. To advise company clients who might be wanting to source and purchase original antique pieces rather than commissioning a replica of same.

We are delighted to act as advisers and purchase agents for any client who may be looking to acquire one or a number of period original pieces, and who wants to retain the services of an acknowledged expert to ensure a number of things:

  1. That they are buying a correct and genuine antique piece.
  2. That if it has been restored, that this has been carried out correctly and sympathetically, such that it hasn't adversely affected the value of the piece.
  3. That if the piece requires restoration, that any work as may be required is carried out to the highest standard.
  4. To ensure a client pays the correct price for any given piece and isn't asked to pay an excessive over-inflated price for something due to a higher level of greed as is often evident in the exceptionally high charges made by various luminaries within the "antiques trade".

Needless to say and if genuine antique pieces are more your area of interest, and of course if the services we've outlined will be of help to you, then please don't hesitate to make contact to detail your specific requirements as we'll be pleased to advise you and help wherever possible.

For additional advice and information, or to place an order, then please contact us at any time. You can use our Contact us page or email us at sg@thewalnuthouse.co.uk.

You can also telephone us at +44 (0)1962 732803 or +44 (0)01626 873636 .